January 2011

Volume 10, No. 2

Cover: Romanian soldiers keep watch on the heavily defended Soviet perimeter at Sevastopol in June 1942. Photo: akg-images.

January 2011

WWII History

Ten Days at Aschaffenburg

By Christopher Miskimon

As the winter of 1944-1945 slowly gave way to spring, the combined Allied armies ground their way into Germany. Read more

January 2011

WWII History

Baghdad’s 1941 Regime

By John W. Osborn, Jr.

A dangerous outlaw regime sits in power in Baghdad; the leader of one of the world’s superpowers decides it has to be removed at all costs; an army marches across the desert to topple it.  Read more

Soldiers of the U.S. Army’s 2nd Division file ashore from Omaha Beach several days after the D-Day landings in Normandy. During the course of World War II, the Army and Marine Corps changed the configuration of their combat divisions to make them more efficient.

January 2011

WWII History, Insight

U.S. Divisions of World War II

By Colonel James W. Hammond, Jr. USMC (Ret.)

The definitive combat unit of comparable strength among the forces of the world during the 20th century was the division. Read more

January 2011

WWII History, Books

Stalin’s Wartime Paranoia

By Al Hemingway

It has long been common knowledge to most historians and followers of World War II history in the European Theater, that the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany on the Eastern Front. Read more

January 2011

WWII History, Simulation Gaming

Making War On The Wii

By Joseph Luster

Options for World War II-related gaming run pretty thick if you do the majority of it on PC. Read more