Parent Company

Warfare History Network and the associated individual publications are properties of the parent company Sovereign Media and Homestead Communications. Sovereign Media and Homestead Communications are privately owned affiliated companies founded in 1992, based in metropolitan Washington, D.C., identifies consumer niche markets with avid enthusiasts, and creates high quality content to serve those consumers.

We deliver content in a cross media platform, including subscription-based consumer enthusiast websites, digital subscription based newsletters, digital and print magazines, bookazines, Ebooks, websites, trade shows and other digital media.

Sovereign/Homestead’s growth is organic, leveraging the economies of scale of its existing media properties to launch new products.

Warfare History Network is your portal into the past.

One of these new products is the substantial update to the Warfare History Network website. We’ve collected countless photos, maps, and first-hand accounts from from the biggest and best archives in the world, giving you unbridled access to history’s most important conflicts. In addition to the major battles, we also examine the impacts war has had on civilian life, and how it is portrayed in history, fiction and film.

Finally, a history portal website amassing the most engaged community of history enthusiasts on the planet!

With over 11,000 keywords SEO’d to garner a huge audience, Warfare History Network.com is amassing a large number of daily subscribers, each required to opt in twice, assuring a highly engaged audiene of military history enthusiasts.

WHN’s 4 main channels, WWII, Civil War, Military History and Military Gaming span the military history market to engage history buffs regardless of their main area of interest.

Warfarehistorynetwork.com provides immediacy to the history market, sells apps, print magazines, digital magazines, and sovereign digital ebooks, and provides multiple advertising opportunities, between our website, our e-newsletters, e-books and free briefings.