The heavily armed and highly maneuverable subsonic MiG-17 challenged U.S. strike aircraft in the skies over North Vietnam.

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Weapons: The Soviet MiG-17 in Vietnam

By William F. Floyd, Jr.

The American pilots did not see the North Vietnamese Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 fighter jets approaching their strike aircraft as they zeroed in on Than Hoa Bridge on April 3, 1965. Read more

Allied forces achieved complete surprise when they stormed ashore 40 miles south of Rome on January 22, 1944, but they failed to exploit their advantage with a rapid advance inland.

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Brutal Slugfest at Anzio

By Joshua Shepherd

For the Americans of 2nd Battalion, 13th Armored Regiment, their arrival at Anzio in early May 1944 was anything but heartening. Read more

French soldiers launch a ferocious bayonets assault against German defenders inside Fort Douaumont in a successful counterattack against the strongpoint in October 1916.

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Heroic Stand at Verdun

By Mark Carlson

The morning of June 23, 1916, dawned over the broad crenellated valley of the Meuse River in northeastern France. Read more

Oneida warriors Han Yerry and his wife, Two Kettles, fight alongside the Patriots during the height of the ambush at Oriskany in a modern painting by Don Troiani.

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Ambush at Oriskany

By Eric Niderost

The young Oneida warrior paused, tensing as he spotted some activity in the forest just in front of him. Read more

Parthian cataphracts armed with long spears known as kontos assail Roman legionaries at Carrhae.

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Roman Disaster at Carrhae

By Ludwig Heinrich Dyck

Gigantic clouds of dust rose from the sun-baked plain. The ground shook under the hoofs of thousands of cavalry. Read more

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Napoleon’s Costly Victory at Eylau

By Victor Kamenir

After decisively crushing Austrian and Russian armies in the 1805 campaign, French Emperor Napoleon became the undisputed master of Central Europe. Read more

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Death at the Crossroads

By Mike Phifer

An unrelenting rain soaked the gray-clad troops of Maj. Gen. George Pickett’s reinforced division of Confederate soldiers on the morning of March 30, 1865. Read more

English King Richard I wields a broadsword against his Muslim foes in the Holy Land. His leadership in the Third Crusade ensured his place in the pantheon of great medieval commanders.

Military Heritage Summer 2021

Crusader Triumph at Arsuf

By William E. Welsh

The advance of long ranks of scimitar-wielding Nubian and robed Bedouin archers on foot signaled a dramatic change in Ayyubid Muslim tactics against the Frankish army marching south along the Palestinian coast from Acre towards Jaffa. Read more

Napoleon enters Warsaw, November 28, 1806.

Military Heritage Summer 2021

The Grande Armee Suffered During Winter War in Poland

The splendid days of conquest in which France’s Grande Armee had marched along well-constructed roads through wealthy and densely populated areas of Europe came to a close when Emperor Napoleon’s army entered Poland in late 1806. Read more