Military Heritage

June 2012

Volume 14, No. 1

COVER: A soldier from the British 41st Regiment as he might have looked at the Battle of the Thames, 1813.
Painting by Don Troiani,

June 2012

Military Heritage

Worcester: Last Battle of the English Civil War

By Roy Morris jr.

Charles Stuart liked to gamble. The 21-year-old son of slain English King Charles I was a fixture at the gaming tables and boudoirs of Europe, where he had spent the last half decade in restless exile while his father unsuccessfully sought to hold onto both his crown and his head. Read more

June 2012

Military Heritage

Battle of the Thames

By Christopher Miskimon

A British squadron lay wrecked on the waters of Lake Erie. Six vessels of war floated in ruins and 135 English sailors lay dead or wounded. Read more

June 2012

Military Heritage, Soldiers

Medal of Honor Recipient: Henry Lawton

By Chuck Lyons

On August 3, 1864, near Atlanta, Georgia, Captain Henry Lawton of Indiana led a group of Union skirmishers in a charge against Confederate rifle pits. Read more

June 2012

Military Heritage, Militaria

The Canadian Military Heritage Museum

By Jerome Baldwin

The Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford, Ontario, has a four-part mission: to collect, preserve, and display artifacts pertaining to the military history of Canada; to maintain and manage a museum for the purpose of education; to display the artifacts at community events; and to honor the fallen and all veterans who have served and are still serving in the Canadian military. Read more

June 2012

Military Heritage, Books

Masters of Command

By Al Hemingway

Among Alexander the Great, Hannibal Barca and Julius Caesar, the question is often asked, “Who was the best leader?” Read more

June 2012

Military Heritage, Games

Game Reviews: Top Gun: Hard Lock for the XBOX 360

by Joseph Luster

I have strangely fond memories of the original Top Gun game. I say “strangely” because, for all intents and purposes, it was practically impossible for myself and almost everyone else I knew at the time. Read more