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Band of Brothers Cover

Dick Winters and the Band of Brothers

The first in our series of free e-Books follows the exploits of Easy Company as you’ve never heard them before, with plenty of surprises on every page. It’s been years since its release, but HBO’s Band of Brothers continues to endure. Easy Company’s epic wartime journey from Camp Toccoa, Georgia, to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest still captivates us all, and brings World War II to life in ways no television series has done before or since. The challenges, camaraderie and courage of these young men was truly beyond compare. Read more…

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The Battle of the Bulge

Inside this e-Book, you’ll find stories of heroism and hardship as American valor blunted Hitler’s last great counteroffensive. It began as a crushing counteroffensive that took the Allies by complete surprise. In the end, it would be one of their finest hours. Inside these pages, we’ll show you the Bulge as the soldiers themselves saw it, from the foxholes to the thick Ardennes Forest. Read more…

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The Battle of the Bulge eBook cover
The Battle for Omaha Beach Cover

The Battle for Omaha Beach: The Men of the D-Day Invasion

Get this free e-Book to understand the Normandy Invasion as you never have before. No matter what you already know about the Normandy landing, you’ll discover new details about the men, the plans, the tragedy and the courage. Read more…

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Last Campaign: The Battle of Waterloo

Napoleon Bonaparte left a legacy that military historians can’t help but to marvel at. Dominating most of continental Europe in 60 major battles, he single-handedly influenced the region’s political affairs for nearly two decades. He also forever changed the conduct of warfare in the West; so far-reaching was his influence that his campaigns continue to be studied 200 years later in military schools across the globe. Read more…

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Last Campaign eBook Cover
Killing Adolf Hitler eBook Cover

Killing Adolf Hitler

Hitler remains one of the most despised tyrants in human history. This special free report focuses on the countless assassination attempts made on Hitler’s life. Many hoped his death would bring about an end to the Second World War; others simply wanted to put an end to his atrocities. So as you’ll read inside, there were as many reasons for killing Hitler as there were attempts made and methods used. Read more…

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Operation Barbarossa: World War II’s Eastern Front

How much do you know about World War II’s Eastern Front? Download this free e-Book and get to know the other side of World War II like never before. Although often overlooked, the Red Army’s daring defense of its homeland is steeped in both heroism and controversy. And with this free Russian Front guidebook, you’ll get a first-hand look at the stories and events that shaped Operation Barbarossa, the largest invasion in military history. Read more…

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Operation Barbarossa eBook Cover
The Battle of Gettysburg eBook Cover

The Battle of Gettysburg: Turning Point of the Civil War

The importance of the Battle of Gettysburg to American history cannot be overstated. Those three days in July 1863 were responsible for the largest casualties of the entire war. It was also what many call the Civil War’s turning point, in which Union forces finally gained some initiative over Robert E. Lee. But it was a complicated campaign, and due to its sheer numbers, iconic commanders and myriad events, it can be difficult to see the Battle of Gettysburg as the men on the field might have seen it. Read more…

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Antietam: The Civil War’s Longest Day

On September 17, 1862, among rural farmland in northwestern Maryland, 22,000 soldiers lost their lives at the Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest day-long battle in the country’s history. But numbers hardly tell the real story. How much have you read about the daring successes of “Little Powell” Hill, the youngest major general in the entire Confederate Army? Or Joseph Mansfield, the oldest general on both sides of the war who met his end at Antietam? Do you know what Colonel Edward Ferrero bribed his men with whiskey to muster them up to take Burnside’s Bridge in Sharpsburg? Read more…

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Antietam: The Civil War’s Longest Day eBook Cover
Profiles of the American Revolution eBook Cover

Profiles of the American Revolution

Turncoats, nefarious plots and intense sea battles: you’ve never read anything like this! More than just a series of decisive battles and military victories, the American Revolutionary War was a massive political transformation that took eighteen years to fully realize. There’s much more to the story besides the Boston Massacre, the Battle of Bunker Hill and Washington crossing the Delaware. Read more…

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From Tolkien to Hitler: Famous Soldiers of World War I

J.R.R. Tolkien. George S. Patton. Manfred von Richthofen. and Adolf Hitler. What could these four men possibly have in common? They were all veterans of the same war. Read more…

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From Tolkien to Hitler: Famous Soldiers of World War I eBook Cover
Biblical Israel & Judah eBook Cover

Biblical Israel & Judah

The ancient world was rife with conflict. It was an age of hostile invasions, of rulers aggressively expanding their empires, of overthrown territories desperately pushing back to preserve their culture. Truly, the stories that shaped early history are some of the most compelling and incredible you’d ever hope to read. Read more…

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