By Joseph Luster

Publisher 2tainment and the indie game devs at Linked Dimensions launched their turn-based tactical war game Tank Operations: European Campaign in Steam Early Access back in August 2019, but the time has finally come to unleash the full game. After working on bugs and continuing development with the help of player feedback—garnering the distinction of “Very Positive” reviews along the way—Tank Operations officially exited Early Access in February 2024.

Just because the Early Access period is over doesn’t mean they’re done with the game. Linked Dimensions plans to continue providing updates until they achieve version 1.0, adding more language support, enhancing gameplay, and introducing Steam Achievements. At the time of this writing, the devs are also still looking to integrate more community feedback, so if you want your voice to be heard there’s plenty of time to do so via the Steam discussion board.

Dealing out a cool dozen historically accurate scenarios set in World War II with, at the time of this writing, over 50 authentic units at your disposal, Tank Operations: European Campaign takes a lot of inspiration from the classics. Some of the games cited include Panzer Corps, Panzer General, Xcom, and even Sid Meier’s Civilization, with nods to Steel Division 2 and Panzer Strategy.

Those who dive into the action at hand will find themselves in the boots of an American general tasked with leading tanks through Europe and Northern Africa. You’ll capture buildings, hide units, and implement complex strategies using real-world infantry, as well as authentic tanks and planes from the era. If what we’ve seen during the Early Access period is any indication, this is one you’ll want to jump into if you haven’t already given it a shot.

Publisher: 2tainment
Genre: Strategy
System: PC
Available: NOW

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