A supersonic Air Force F-111 Aardvark destroys a North Vietnamese ordnance bunker in March in 1968 in a painting by Jack Fellows.

Military Heritage Fall 2021

To Hell And Back

By William E. Welsh

An armada of U.S. Air Force strike aircraft roared through the sky toward the North Vietnamese ammunition storage depot at Xom Bang, 10 miles north of the DMZ, on March 2, 1965. Read more

A Tiger tank of Waffen SS division Das Reich goes into action against Soviet forces in the southern part of the Kursk salient. Its 88mm gun could penetrate the armor of a Soviet T-34 at 1,800 yards.

Military Heritage Fall 2021

Last Lunge in the East

By Victor Kamenir

Soviet machine-gunner Mykhailo Petrik and his platoon comrades lay in their makeshift bunker on the open steppe land 30 miles northwest of Belgorod awaiting the enemy’s advance on the first day of the titanic clash at Kursk. Read more

Military Heritage Fall 2021

Zenobia’s Bloody War of Independence

By Glenn Barnett

The pages of history tend to dwell on the men who created empires. No matter how ephemeral may be the famed exploits of an Alexander, Caesar or Napoleon, historians have written volumes on their behalf. Read more

Prussian grenadiers advance at Leuthen. After his victory at Rossbach, Frederick the Great sought to drive the Austrians from Silesia.

Military Heritage Fall 2021

Covered in Glory at Leuthen

By Joshua Shepherd

In the early afternoon of December 5, 1757, the men of Prussia’s 26th Infantry Regiment were drawn up in assault formation just south of the Silesian village of Leuthen. Read more

Marines manning a fighting top on the USS Bonhomme Richard fire on British seamen while another prepares to hurl a grenade at the Serapis.

Military Heritage Fall 2021

Triumph Off Flamborough Head

By Eric Niderost

Standing on the quarterdeck of his flagship Bonhomme Richard, Commodore John Paul Jones took his telescope and trained it northwards, sweeping the instrument to the left and right to see what his lookouts were reporting at midafternoon on September 23, 1779. Read more

English longbowmen shower the French with arrows from a forecastle at Sluys. The longbow, with its rapid rate of fire and superior range, proved more valuable than the French crossbow at Sluys.

Military Heritage Fall 2021

Bloody Revenge at Sluys

By Eric Niderost

It was late afternoon on June 24, 1340, when the English fleet arrived off the Flanders coast, just short of the Zwin estuary, reputed to be the finest harbor in Europe. Read more

Military Heritage Fall 2021

We Will Hold It or die Here!

By David A. Norris

Amid the fog of powder smoke in the north-Georgia forest, the frayed remnants of the Union’s Army of the Cumberland faced determined Confederate troops who sensed an impending victory. Read more

Military Heritage Fall 2021

Military Games of Fall 2021

By Joseph Luster

The future of Battlefield is upon us with Battlefield 2042, but the main game itself isn’t the most interesting part of the package. Read more