October 2010

Volume 9, No. 7

Cover: A German infantryman hurls a grenade in an apparently posed photo taken during the invasion of Poland, September 5, 1939.
Photo: ullstein bild / The Granger Collection, New York

October 2010

WWII History

John Parks: The Face of Battle

By Bill Warnock

During the closing days of 1944, editors at the London edition of Stars and Stripes decided to select a frontline GI as “Our Man of the Year.” Read more

October 2010

WWII History

A Submariner’s Letter From World War II

By Robert Schultz with James Shell

By Christmas 1941, Robert Hunt, torpedoman on the submarine USS Tambor, had witnessed the Japanese bombing of Wake Island, had slept in the Tambor’s forward torpedo room on the way back to Pearl with a bomb-induced leak bubbling in the corner, and had stood on his sub’s bow and seen the devastation of Battleship Row as debris in the oil-slicked harbor bumped against the hull. Read more

October 2010

WWII History

Rommel’s Ghost Division

By Dr. Michael Rinella

The appointment of Erwin Rommel as commander of the 7th Panzer Division (nicknamed the “Ghost Division”) in February 1940 seems, in the light of his many triumphs in France and North Africa, an unremarkable and perfectly natural choice. Read more

October 2010

WWII History, Editorial

Adolf Hitler’s Time in Landsberg Prison

By Michael Haskew

When the Nazi party attempted to seize power in the Bavarian capital of Munich in November 1923, a number of Adolf Hitler’s brown-shirted ruffians were killed or injured when the right-wing marchers were confronted by troops loyal to the government. Read more

October 2010

WWII History, Dispatches

Lieutenant Creswell Garlington

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend you, your staff, and Mr. Frank Chadwick on the excellent article entitled “King Company at Bloody Lindern” in the June/July edition of WWII History. Read more

October 2010

WWII History, Profiles

Dream of the Polish Eagle

By Blaine Taylor

”The subject of Poland is by far the most complex of all the problems to be considered,” the American delegation to the Paris Peace Conference at Versailles was told in 1919, as it was preparing to sort out the incredible mess in European affairs following the end of World War I. Read more

October 2010

WWII History, Insight

Sitzkrieg on the Western Front

By Michael Hull

Within hours of the entry of Great Britain and France into World War II on September 3, 1939, the British liner SS Athenia was sunk by a German U-boat off the northwestern coast of Ireland, with the loss of 112 dead, including 28 American citizens. Read more

October 2010

WWII History, Top Secret

German Military’s Emissary for Peace

By Jon Diamond

Many accounts have been written about the peace mission flight of Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess and his parachute landing in a farm field in Scotland in May 1941 to discuss with the Duke of Hamilton a proposal to end hostilities. Read more

October 2010

WWII History, Books

Top German Strategist

By Al Hemingway

When British military historian and strategist B.H. Liddell Hart interviewed high-ranking German Army officers after the World War II had ended, almost to the man they agreed that one individual stood head and shoulders above everyone else—Field Marshal Erich Von Manstein. Read more

October 2010

WWII History, Simulation Gaming

Pearl Harbor Trilogy: Red Sun Rising

By Joseph Luster

The concept of a beefy but downloadable Wii dogfighting series seems like a surefire bet. Though visual flare isn’t necessarily one of the strong suits of Nintendo’s console, there are other more valuable assets that work well for the genre: namely, motion controls. Read more