March 2006

Volume 5, No. 2

Cover: Airborne infantrymen share a laugh before taking off from an unknown location on the Mediterranean island of Sicily. (Photo: National Archives)

During the daring mission to evacuate General Douglas MacArthur from the Philippines, a PT boat slices through the Pacific Ocean at high speed.

March 2006

WWII History

Mission for Mac Arthur

By Captain Lee R. Mandel, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy

In modern naval history, there is perhaps no more colorful figure than the late Vice Admiral John Duncan Bulkeley. Read more

March 2006

WWII History, Ordnance

The M-3 Stuart Light Tank Series

By Christopher Miskimon

Thirteen Panzerkampfwagen IV tanks advanced down the Chouigui-Mateur road in an attack against the newly arrived American First Armored Division. Read more

March 2006

WWII History

Airborne! Learning to Fly and Land—Hard

Photo Essay by Kevin M. Hymel

Every American soldier who jumped into North Africa, Europe, the Philippines and other combat zones around the globe during WWII had to first learn his trade at Fort Benning, Georgia. Read more

March 2006

WWII History

Marauding Wahoo

By Kelly Bell

On the night of September 14, 1942, the men aboard the U.S. Navy submarine Wahoo spotted smoke rising from the funnel of a vessel emerging from Truk’s north pass. Read more

March 2006

WWII History, Dispatches

Katyn Forest Massacre

Dear Editors:

Thank you for your article by Richard Rule concerning the Katyn Forest massacre, its subsequent cover-up by the Soviets, and worse, the lack of further action by the Western Allies. Read more

O’Hare (left) discusses fighter tactics with a fellow pilot after returning from a mission.

March 2006

WWII History, Profiles

“Butch” O’Hare

By John Domagalski

It was 7:25 am when Flight Captain William Motes brought his plane down for landing. The arrival of the American Airlines Convair on October 30, 1955, marked the beginning of the first day of regularly scheduled passenger service at Chicago’s new O’Hare International Airport. Read more