June 2016

Volume 15, No. 4

Cover: A Canadian M4 Sherman tank advances during the assult on Walcheren Island and the Scheldt Estuary in September 1944. Photo: National Archive

June 2016

WWII History

Combat Soldier and Later, POW

By Ray Allen Miller

I was raised on a farm between Hickory and Conover, North Carolina, the oldest of nine children, and this is a brief accounting of my military, combat, and prisoner of war experience in World War II. Read more

June 2016

WWII History

Battle for Tolvarjarvi

By David H. Lippman

From Leningrad to Murmansk, columns of Soviet Red Army troops stormed down roads and trails into Finland’s dense forests, lakes, and swamps, seeking to cut Finland in half. Read more

June 2016

WWII History

The Hardest Fight

By Arnold Blumberg

On September 4, 1944, tanks of the British 11th Armored Division lumbered into the outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium. Read more

June 2016

WWII History

A Hit or Miss Affair

By Patrick J. Chaisson

Lucian Truscott needed a cigarette. The 47-year-old brigadier general was having the worst night of his life. Read more

June 2016

WWII History, Ordnance

The Mighty Beau

By Phil Zimmer

The day’s flight was to be a fairly typical “rhubarb,” or a fast freelance strike, for the two pilots in their Bristol Beaufighters. Read more

June 2016

WWII History, Profiles

Stalwart Free French General

By James I. Marino

General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the supreme Allied commander in Europe during World War II, considered General Alfonse Juin to be the best French combat general of the conflict. Read more

June 2016

WWII History, Top Secret

The Claws and Teeth of the Generalissimo

By Bob Bergin

It was at the grand banquet given in his honor that General William “Wild Bill” Donovan told his host, General Dai Li, that the OSS intended to work on its own in China and that he wanted no interference from the Chinese. Read more

June 2016

WWII History, Insight

Why Wasn’t Auschwitz Bombed?

By Brent Douglas Dyck

Former German President Horst Koehler once said that Auschwitz, the largest Nazi extermination camp, was home to the “worst crime in human history.” Read more

June 2016

WWII History, Books

The Last Days of World War II

By Christopher Miskimon

Griefswald, a small German city on the Baltic Coast, lay directly in the path of Soviet tanks on April 30, 1945. Read more