August 2015

Volume 14, No. 5

Cover: A German tanker pauses for a smoke during the German Blitzkrieg into Belgium and France in May 1940.
Photograph: Ullstein Bild / The Granger Collection, New York

August 2015

WWII History

Two Typhoons Crippled Bull Halsey’s Task Force 38

By Michael D. Hull

After two grueling months of action in the Pacific, Vice Admiral John S. “Slew” McCain’s powerful Task Force 38 retired in late November 1944 to the big Caroline Islands base of Ulithi Atoll for a 10-day breather. Read more

August 2015

WWII History, Profiles

Chuck Yeager: Fighter Pilot

By Eric Niderost

Major General Charles “Chuck” Yeager, United States Air force (Ret.), was one of a handful of people who could rightly claim the title “living legend.” Read more

August 2015

WWII History, Insight

The Fate of Nazi Germany’s Cossacks

By Don Haines

Between 1944 and 1947, over two million Russians who had been living in the occupied countries of Europe, some voluntarily, some not, were forcibly repatriated to the Soviet Union. Read more

August 2015

WWII History, Books

Wartime Industrial Colossus

By Christopher Miskimon

As spring turned to summer in 1941, America’s thoughts turned unwillingly toward war. While the nation was still reluctant to enter World War II, it now realized it needed to prepare its military, which had languished in the funding-starved 1930s. Read more