A paratrooper with the 2nd Parachute Battalion takes part in combat training. Paras conducted the Bruneval Raid to seize components of a new German radar system from a post in the coast of France.

April 2023

Volume 22, No. 2

Cover: Sergeant Herbert Liman, a member of the 134th Infantry Regiment, searches for a German sniper during the Battle of the Bulge. See story page 24. Photo: National Archives

April 2023

WWII History

The 28th Infantry Division Stands

By Nathan N. Prefer

On September 16, 1944, Adolf Hitler revealed his master plan for reversing Germany’s declining fortunes in the West during World War II. Read more

U.S. Army Air Forces Boeing B-17 bombers fly in formation en route to a target in Germany. Enemy fighters and antiaircraft fire took a heavy toll on the airmen aboard.

April 2023

WWII History

The Borkum Island Massacre and Trial

By William R. Hogan

On August 4, 1944, a Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress heavy bomber, tail number 43-37909, so new that it did not have a nickname or nose art yet, took off from England on a bombing run over Germany that would end in a crash landing on Borkum Island in the North Sea. Read more

British commandos sit aboard a Whitworth Whitley aircraft during exercises.

April 2023

WWII History

Operation Biting: ‘The Bruneval Raid’

By Nathan N. Prefer

By January 1942, Britain was still in the fight of her life. Germany had occupied all western Europe, controlled the Mediterranean, and was threatening British colonies in North Africa. Read more

This painting of the nocturnal Battle of the Java Sea shows the torpedoed Dutch light cruiser De Ruyter burning as the cruiser HMAS Perth turns to avoid a collision on February 27, 1942. One night later, the Perth, along with the USS Houston would go down in the Battle of the Sunda Strait.

April 2023

WWII History

Slaughter in the Sunda Strait

By David H. Lippman

It was nearly over. Since Singapore had fallen to the Japanese on February 14, 1942, the Allied forces defending the Dutch East Indies had battled against a Japanese pincer-like movement, which consisted of aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, aircraft, and well-trained “Special Naval Landing Forces”—Japan’s version of American and British Marines. Read more

In this painting by artist Gary Sheahan titled “Birth of the Atomic Age,” scientist Enrico Fermi and his colleagues anxiously proceed with the first sustained nuclear chain reaction in history at the University of Chicago.

April 2023

WWII History, Ordnance

First Sustained Nuclear Reaction

By Eric Niderost

Enrico Fermi’s face was a study in concentration as his fingers deftly moved across the well-worn surface of his slide rule. Read more

A British Bren gun carrier passes a long line of French refugees fleeing the onslaught of the German Army in the spring of 1940. The British soldiers are headed toward the Belgian frontier in the forlorn attempt to stem the German tide.

April 2023

WWII History, Profiles

Major General Edward L. Spears

By Jon Diamond

On May 22, 1940, within a fortnight of being appointed Britain’s prime minister, Winston S. Churchill was confronted with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), under Lord Gort, retreating from Belgium. Read more

Caught in an attack by U.S. Army Air Forces bombers, a Japanese merchant ship takes hits off the coast of Dutch New Guinea during a June 1944 raid. Codebreaking work by cryptanalysts like Sergeant Joseph Richard helped detect enemy convoy movements.

April 2023

WWII History, Top Secret

Codebreaking Sergeant Richard

By Patrick J. Chaisson

Wewak Convoy 21 was being annihilated, and the Japanese Army could do nothing to stop it.

The first vessel to die was Yakumo Maru. Read more

April 2023

WWII History, Simulation Gaming


By Joseph Luster

Some World War II games give you control over an entire battlefield, or offer you an abundance of vehicular options that you can easily swap between at any given moment. Read more