An angry George Washington confronts Charles Lee as staff officers attempt to halt the A­merican retreat. The men’s ragtag uniforms in this H. Charles McBarron painting are more accurate than those shown in Lutze’s piece.
Military Heritage

Late Winter 2012

Volume 13, No. 4

COVER: General Stonewall Jackson leads his men into battle in this painting by Don Troiani.

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage

Spanish Disaster at Rocroi

By William Welsh

Five hundred Spanish musketeers filed into the dim forest on the southern edge of a wooded plain south of the border fort at Rocroi, France, at dusk on May 18, 1643. Read more

General George Washington rallies his Continental Army during the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778 in a 19th-century painting by Emanuel Leutze. Maj. Gen. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben’s relentless drilling of Washington’s soldiers at Valley Forge the previous winter enabled them to fight the British Army to a draw that day.

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage

Monmouth: Longest Battle of the American Revolution

By Eric Niderost

On June 19, 1778, Continental soldiers marched out of Valley Forge, happy to leave the rough wooden cabins where they had spent a miserable winter; cold, hunger, and disease had been their constant companions. Read more

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage

Wake Island: Alamo in the Pacific

By Kelly Bell

It was already December 8, 1941, on Wake Island’s side of the international date line. The Americans on the tiny specks of land in the western Pacific Ocean roused themselves at 6 am. Read more

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage, Editorial

Confederate Cavalry Leader Turner Ashby

Even in an army not lacking for larger-than-life figures, Confederate cavalry leader Turner Ashby stood out from the crowd. Although not particularly tall—about five feet, 10 inches—there was something about Ashby that commanded attention. Read more

In 1536, Charles retook Tunis from Barbarossa and the Barbary corsairs, capturing 80 enemy ships in the process.

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage, Soldiers

The 1541 Algiers Expedition

By Bruce Ware Allen

In the late summer 1541, 40 warships appeared off the shores of Sardinia, part of a grand armada gathered by Charles the V of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor. Read more

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage, Militaria

Gas Masks of the Great War

By Peter Suciu

With World War I in a seeming stalemate, German forces in late April 1915 introduced a horrific new weapon to the fighting. Read more

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage, Books

The Lusitania Disaster

By Al Hemingway

At 2:10 PM on May 7, 1915, Captain Walther Schwieger, commanding the German submarine U-20, was patrolling off the coast of Ireland, looking for British merchant ships. Read more

Late Winter 2012

Military Heritage, Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

By Joseph Luster

The 2011 holiday season has been brutal, and as of this writing it’s really only just begun. Sure, it’s easy to sit in the future and reflect calmly on what was yet another ridiculously packed time of year as far as entertainment goes, but those of us living in the present (past?) Read more