By Joseph Luster

We’ve got a little something for everyone in this issue of Military Heritage, including more from Wargaming and a trip way back in time for some medieval warfare. First up is the latest out of World of Warships, which saw fit to enter 2024 in style with some new additions to the naval combat game’s stable of aircraft carriers.

This particular update focuses on U.S. Aircraft Carriers, specifically with three new ships joining the game in Early Access. These ships include Tier VI Independence, Tier VIII Yorktown and Tier X Essex. Since each of the new ships is limited to a single standard squadron, they all enter the MMO with a different style of play. With torpedo bombers supplemented with two tactical squadrons—including attack and dive bomber aircraft—there’s plenty for players to work with. Add in the new Smoke Curtain Generator consumable with which these squadrons come equipped starting at Tier VIII and you have a new wrinkle in the mix of your strategic arsenal.

Wargaming celebrated the addition of the new U.S. carriers with a special event that paved the way for a handful of fresh unlocks. Commemorative flags, camouflages and special containers were on order for those who made it through 20 levels of daily and weekly missions, and an additional progression line awaited with 20 more levels upon unlocking.

Beyond that, February marked the return of the Bounty Hunt event, which packs in four new achievements along with rewards, access to the Star Emissaries collection and other changes. Those who rolled the dice on random bundles had the chance to unlock Star Emissaries content like the STAR Kitakaze and STAR Edinburgh ships, as well as a pair of Commanders that boast 10 skill points each. Update 13.0 also ushered in Season 15, featuring the return of Ranked Battles and more Brawls.

There’s still plenty of building to partake in for those who don’t feel like waging war all the time. The fun continues at the Sestri Ponente Dockyard, and those who put in the work can earn Tier IX Italian cruiser Michelangelo. Not content with updating sans VTubers, World of Warships said hello to hololive production once again in Update 13.0, with popular stars like Shishiro Botan, Moona Hoshinova, Takanashi Kiara and Watson Amelia taking the helm as Commanders. It’s nice to see that there’s still plenty to sink your teeth into here, whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime World of Warships vet. The MMO is currently available across PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms alongside World of Warships Blitz on mobile devices.

Genre: Naval combat MMO
Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
Publisher: Wargaming
Available: Now

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