WWII History February 2014

To Conquer a Fortress

By Bastiaan Willems

The storming of Fortress Königsberg in April 1945 was the finale of a two-month Soviet siege. The city, one of the few triumphs of Hitler’s fortress strategy, had been encircled by late January and lay hundreds of kilometers behind the main front line by the time the Soviets launched their final assault toward the Nazi capital of Berlin. Read more

WWII History February 2014

Combat Horror On Saipan

By David H. Lippman

In the high summer of 1944, the United States was coiling a massive fist in the Central Pacific aimed directly at the Mariana Islands, specifically Saipan, Tinian, and Guam. Read more

WWII History February 2014

The Last Flight of Nelson King

By Keith Buchanan

The Nelson King, a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, was en route to Berlin on March 6, 1944, when it flew into a whirlwind of Luftwaffe fighters. Read more

WWII History February 2014

Nicholas Horthy: Hitler’s Vassal?

By Blaine Taylor

The career of Admiral Nicholas Horthy spanned not only two world wars, but also stretched across the decades from the age of sail to atomic-powered submarines. Read more

WWII History February 2014

Cornelius Gurlitt’s Secret Nazi Art Collection

By Michael E. Haskew

Reclusive 80-year-old Cornelius Gurlitt kept his secret for nearly 70 years. Apparently, in February 2012, a treasure trove of paintings confiscated or stolen by the Nazis was recovered in the old man’s Munich apartment. Read more

WWII History February 2014

World of Warplanes Assistant

By Joseph Luster

The full retail version of Wargaming’s World of Warplanes launched with plenty of fanfare. Seriously, some fans weren’t even able to contain themselves, with seven of them celebrating the game’s launch via a trek to the Himalayas. Read more