WWII History Early Fall 2012

Submarine Special Missions in the Pacific

By Steven Trent Smith

Sunsets over Manila Bay are nothing less than spectacular. Once  the sun dips below the horizon there is a lingering illumination known as “blue hour” as the sky gradually shifts from pale azure to deep indigo before fading completely into the black tropical night. Read more

WWII History Early Fall 2012

M4 Sherman: “Blunder” or “Wonder” Weapon?

By Blaine Taylor

For the Allied tankers and infantrymen of the American, British, Canadian, and Free French armies battling German Panther and Tiger tanks in Normandy in the summer of 1944, the Sherman tank’s failures were glaringly evident as their own shells bounced off the hulls of the Nazi armor and they were themselves destroyed at a far greater range by the powerful German tanks. Read more

WWII History Early Fall 2012

Valkyria Duel

By Joseph Luster

Valkyria Chronicles is an interesting franchise.

It’s one of those series one would assume is more popular than it really is simply due to the overwhelming fan fervor, and their vocal disappointment at the fact that it didn’t catch on as blazing hot as it could have in North America. Read more