Napoleon Bonaparte changes to a fresh horse as his Army of Italy engages the Austrians at the town of Rivoli Veronese above the Adige River.

Military Heritage Summer 2020

Austrian Debacle at Rivoli

By Robert L. Durham

Twenty-six year-old Napoleon Bonaparte took command of France’s 23,000-strong Army of Italy in Nice, France, in late March 1796. Read more

Military Heritage Summer 2020

The Arab-Israeli Six Day War Timeline

By William Welsh


Israel launches a preemptive airstrike known as Operation Focus against Egyptian air bases in the morning with its French-supplied fighter bombers. Read more

Crewmen stand on the deck of U-47 as the submarine returns from a successful war patrol in 1939. Every member of the crew was decorated for the sinking of Royal Oak.

Military Heritage Summer 2020

World War II’s Most Daring U-boat Attack

By Alexander Zakrzewski

On the evening of October 13, 1939, sailors aboard the British battleship HMS Royal Oak had no reason to believe they were in danger of anything other than cold and boredom. Read more

Military Heritage Summer 2020

Eugene A. Carr’s Heroic Stand

By William E. Welsh

Union artillery shells burst in the trees at the north end of Cross Timber Hollow as Confederates in gray and butternut-colored uniforms creeped through the tangled underbrush on both sides of Telegraph Road. Read more

Military Heritage Summer 2020

Outfoxed in the Sinai

By Joshua Shepherd

Late on the evening of June 5, 1967, a flight of Sikorsky S-58 helicopters sped low above the sands of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Read more