Ho Chi Minh Trail

The Marines and North Vietnamese at Khe Sanh

By John Walker

In early 1967, the thinly populated, rugged, and mountainous Khe Sanh plateau lay in the northwest corner of South Vietnam, bordered by Laos to the west and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and North Vietnam to the north. Read more

Leading up to the Battle of Keh Sanh, Operation Niagara attempted to 'find, fix and finish' the enemy throughout rough Vietnamese terrain.

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Operation Niagara & the Battle of Khe Sanh

by Brad Reynolds

As American involvement in Vietnam escalated throughout the 1960s, American military commanders struggled to justify their strategy of attrition and prove that an end to the war was in sight. Read more

Game designer Johan Nagel explains that with Vietnam 65, winning the hearts and minds of the locals is essential for success.

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Game Features: Vietnam 65

by James Hart

No static occupations, no traditional front lines, and growing opposition from both the local population and citizens back home—for America, Vietnam was a very different kind of war. Read more