Challenged by a new Scottish champion, William Wallace, King Edward 'Longshanks' I led a massive English army north into Scotland in the summer of 1298. The two sides collided at Falkirk.


Edward Longshanks & William Wallace at Falkirk

by John Walker

After the disastrous Battle of Dunbar in April 1296, the Scottish revolt against England stalled for more than a year until a rebel force led by Andrew de Moray and William Wallace rekindled the flames of rebellion with a stunning victory over the English at Stirling Bridge. Read more

After cementing his rule over Mongolia, Genghis Khan led his Mongol hordes south to invade China.


The Mongol Hordes

By Steven M. Johnson

In ad 1205, Mongol ruler Genghis Khan, having completed the unification of his Gobi Desert empire, began looking south toward China for further conquest. Read more