Military Heritage

April 2003

Volume 4, No. 5

Cover: The RAF takes on Baron von Richtofen’s JG-1 Flying Circus over northern France in Knights of the Sky by Nicolas Trudgian. Courtesy of The Military Art Gallery.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England

April 2003

Military Heritage

The Battle of Copenhagen

By Keith Milton

With muffled oars, the longboat sent by Admiral Horatio Nelson glided silently through the darkness of the enemy’s anchorage—at one point its sailors were close enough to the Danish ships to overhear the conversations of the sentinels. Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage

Thundering Clash at Lewes

By Terry Gore

Royalist knights under the command of Prince Edward of England rode with furious speed toward the thousands of London militia who had been sent to set fire to the town of Lewes. Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage

Bloody Aachen

By Richard Rule

By the time of the waning of the summer of 1944 in western Europe, General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s victorious Allied armies had forged a battle line from the Dutch province of Maastricht in the north to Belfort near the Swiss border in the south. Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage

Attack on a Tank

By Robert Ritter von Greim, Leader of Jasta 34b and Jagdgruppe 10

Translated and with comments by O’Brien Browne

This combat diary account by Robert Ritter von Greim describes the frantic attempts of the German Air Force to halt Allied attacks in the closing months of WWI. Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage

Desperate Fight on the Plains

By Eric Niderost

In June 24, 1867, W.W. Wright’s survey expedition reached Fort Wallace, Kans., one of the string of military posts that guarded the Smoky Hill Trail to Denver and the beckoning goldfields of Colorado. Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage, Communique

Kokoda Kudos

Dear Editor:

I certainly enjoyed A.B. Feuer’s article on the Battle of the Kokoda Track (October 2002). In the summer of 1962 I was stationed with the 1370th Photomapping Wing’s Aerial Survey Team #5 at Port Moresby, New Guinea. Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage, Weapons

Greek Fire

By Robert Heege

The year was ad 678, 46 years after the death of the prophet Mohammed. Now the Mohammedans, determined to bring the light of Islam to Arabia and beyond, were streaking across the whole of the Middle East like a comet. Read more

Created solely from the artist’s imagination, this chromolithograph was issued to meet the Ameri- can public’s demand for revenge against Spain for the destruction of the USS Maine.

April 2003

Military Heritage, Intelligence

The USS Maine

By VanLoan Naisawald

Darkness had settled over the harbor, the lights along the shoreline casting a faint glow on the murky harbor water. Read more

An M-26 tank—manned by soldiers of the 9th Infantry Regiment—is poised to counter an enemy attempt to cross the Naktong River in Korea, September 1950.

April 2003

Military Heritage, Soldiers

“Bulldog Johnny” Walker

By Blaine Taylor

In September 1948, Lt. Gen. Walton Harris Walker, 58, took over command of the Eighth Army on occupation duty in Japan from his predecessor, Robert Eichelberger, a former West Point superintendent and devotee of Allied Supreme Commander General Douglas MacArthur. Read more

A samurai and his horse bound up the bank of a river to come to grips with the enemy. Precious sword in hand, the tsuba, or hand guard, is clearly visible. For hundreds of years great artistry was worked into the tsuba.

April 2003

Military Heritage, Militaria

Katana Handguards

By Peter Suciu

The swords of the samurai have long been desirable to collectors. Now, even their parts have become prized. Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage, Books

Marching with the Big Red One

By Lt. Col. Harold E. Raugh, Jr., Ph.D., U.S. Army (Ret.)

Kill them, Lieutenant. Don’t take any prisoners,” exhorted the bedraggled engineer officer to the new replacements, “Don’t take any prisoners!” Read more

April 2003

Military Heritage, Simulation Gaming

Community of Cossacks

By Eric T. Baker

Cossacks: Back to War, from CDV for the PC, is the third in the Cossacks series of games. Read more