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The Rise and Fall of the Japanese ‘Zero’

By Mark Carlson

For thousands of Allied airmen the most terrifying sight they ever beheld was a Mitsubishi A6M Zero bearing down on them—burnished black cowling over a snarling Sakae engine, staccato bursts flashing from two machine guns and two cannon—often the last thing they ever saw. Read more

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Bold Gamble Above Cologne

By Michael D. Hull

Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Travers Harris, the burly, red-haired chief of Royal Air Force Bomber Command, was an anxious man on the evening of Saturday, May 30, 1942. Read more

Japanese-Americans await orders to board a train to a resettlement camp during the early days of U.S. involvement in World War II.

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Fred Korematsu

By Eric Niderost

The afternoon of May 30, 1942, found Clyde Sarah waiting for his girlfriend Ida on Estudillo Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in San Leandro, a small town just across the bay from San Francisco. Read more

Israeli jets swoop in to catch the Egyptian Air Force on the ground where it was resting after standing down from dawn patrols.

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The Sinai Air Strike: June 5, 1967

By Eric Hammel

It was 7 o’clock Israeli time, three hours after dawn on Monday, June 5, 1967. The summer season’s daily thick morning mist was just lifting from the coastal areas, across the breadth of the humid Nile Delta, and along the Suez Canal. Read more

A Roman soldier dictates a letter to a scribe outside a permanent Roman camp in Germany.

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Roman Generals: Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo

By Harold E. Raugh, Jr.

Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo was probably born between 4 bc and ad 1. His younger half-sister was first the mistress and then the consort of Gaius Caesar Germanicus, better known as the Emperor Caligula. Read more

Soldiers of the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion trudge through snow while carrying bazookas. According to their commanding officer, Lt. Col. David E. Pergrin, the brave engineers stayed to defend Trois-Ponts during the Battle of the Bulge after they had been taunted by fellow soldiers. Pergrin recalled that the infantrymen had shouted, “You engineer so-and-so! Why don't you come on up there and fight?”

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Combat Engineers at Trois-Ponts

By Patrick J. Chaisson

Major Robert B. Yates arrived at the 1111th Engineers’ headquarters in Trois-Ponts, Belgium, around 13:30 on Monday, December 18, 1944, expecting to sit in on an ordinary staff meeting. Read more

In 1943, U.S. Marines erected a makeshift cross of coconut logs as a memorial for the 22 victims of the Japanese executions of Allied prisoners on Betio. A permanent concrete memorial, shown here, was later constructed.

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The Tarawa Coast-Watch Massacre Of 1942

By Peter McQuarrie

On October 15, 1942, a total of 22 men, all British subjects and all prisoners of war captured by Japanese military forces in the Gilbert Islands in the Central Pacific, were executed on Betio islet at Tarawa Atoll.. Read more

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Islam at Vienna’s Gates

By Ludwig Heinrich Dyck

For nearly two long months, from July 14 to early September 1683, Vienna endured the siege from the Ottoman Empire. Read more

U-2 flights over the Soviet Union began in the mid-1950s. U-2s had extraordinary range and could fly 14 miles high while photographing in astonishing detail. A major objective: the extent of Soviet nuclear weaponry.

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The U-2 Spy Plane’s Cold War Missions

By John D. Gresham

Movies and novels about spies and espionage usually portray brave and sexy secret agents going deep behind enemy lines to grab some invaluable and potentially destabilizing piece of information. Read more

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The Sinking of Unterseeboot-85

By Erik Petkovic

On September 3, 1939, when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany, the Kriegsmarine only had 46 operational U-boats, the majority of which were used for training. Read more

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Hell Let Loose (Game Pass)

By Joseph Luster

From games exiting Early Access to games entering Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service, we now come to another look at Hell Let Loose. Read more

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Tank Operations: European Campaign

By Joseph Luster

Publisher 2tainment and the indie game devs at Linked Dimensions launched their turn-based tactical war game Tank Operations: European Campaign in Steam Early Access back in August 2019, but the time has finally come to unleash the full game. Read more

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The History of Mobile Artillery

By Arnold Blumberg

“It is with artillery that one makes war.” So declared Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the Great Captains of military history and a born gunner himself. Read more

Building façades were bedecked with flags of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during Hitler’s state visit to Rome in May 1937.

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The Strange Death Of Air Marshal Italo Balbo

By Blaine Taylor

On May 26, 1940, as the armies of Nazi Germany roared across prostrate France and the British Expeditionary Force was in the midst of its evacuation by sea from the European continent, Italian Army Marshal Pietro Badoglio, 69, was in the waiting room of the Palazzo Venezia in Rome. Read more

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Operation Crusader at Sidi Rezegh—Siege of Tobruk

By Thomas Haymes

By the end of the second day visibility was reduced to almost zero. Burning hulks of everything from ME-109s to M3 “Honey” tanks, Panzer IIIHs, and trucks of all descriptions littered the battleground that was once an airfield. Read more