By Christopher Miskimon

Full Reviews

Ukraine Volume 2: Russian Invasion, February 2022 (Tom Cooper, Adrien Fontanellaz, Edward Crowther & Milos Sipos, Helion Books, South Yorkshire UK, 2023, 76 pp., maps, photographs, appendices, bibliography, index, $29.95, SC)

Horse Soldiers at Gettysburg: The Cavalryman’s View of the Civil War’s Pivotal Campaign (Daniel Murphy, Stackpole Books, Essex CT, 2023, 435 pp., maps, photographs, notes, bibliography, index, $32.95, HC)

Undercurrent: Tank Commander Cadet in the Yom Kippur War (Amir Bega, Casemate Books, Havertown PA, 2023, 177 pp., maps, photographs, appendix, $34.95, hardcover)

By All Means Available: Memoirs of a Life in Intelligence, Special Operations and Strategy (Michael G. Vickers, Knopf Books, New York NY, 2023, 559 pp., maps, photographs, notes, bibliography, index, $35, HC)

Dogfight: Mig-21 “Fishbed” Opposing Operation Rolling Thunder 1966-68 (István Toperczer, Osprey Publishing, Oxford UK, 2023, 80 pp., maps, photographs, bibliography, index, $23, SC)

A New Force at Sea: George Dewey and the Rise of the American Navy (David A. Smith, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis MD, 2023, 356 pp., photographs, notes, bibliography, index, $44.95, HC)

Short Bursts

War in Ukraine Volume 1: Armed Formations of the Donetsk People’s Republic, 2014-2022 (Edward Crowther, Helion Books, 2023, $29.95, SC) This book details the military forces created by the self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples Republic after the Russian-supported invasion of Crimea up to the current war.

The U.S. Army Combat Historian and Combat History Operations World War I to the Vietnam War (Kathryn Roe Coker and Jason Wetzel, Casemate Books, 2023, $34.95, HC) Since World War I, U.S. Army historical personnel has gathered information about its various conflicts while memories and information is still fresh. This book chronicles that service.

Burnside’s Boys: The Union’s Ninth Corps and the Civil War in the West (Darin Wipperman, Stackpole Books, 2023, $34.95, HC) Veterans of many of the war’s major campaigns, Ninth Corps is one of the few Union units to serve in both the eastern and western theaters.

Tempest: The Royal Navy and the Age of Revolutions (James Davey, Yale University Press, 2023, $35, HC) As the Royal Navy fought republican France in the 1790s, it also struggled with internal dissent and mutiny.

Billy Mitchell’s War with the Navy: The Interwar Rivalry over Air Power (Thomas Wildenberg, Naval Institute Press, 2023, $34.95, SC) After WWI, Billy Mitchell argued for an independent air force. His efforts ran against the navy as the armed services argued over defense budgets.

A People’s History of the Cold War: Stories from East and West (Colin Turbett, Pen and Sword Books, 2023, $42.95, HC) The average lives of people on both sides of the Iron Curtain as they dealt with the enormous events of the Cold War.

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