By Christopher Miskimon

The Romans found Britain to be a terrifying land. They had little information about its people and they found it difficult to invade. Even the great general Julius Caesar failed to conquer it as he had Gaul. Later invasions by Roman armies succeeded, but only partially.

Still, the Romans learned from their failures and defeats and kept fighting until they achieved victory. They would need all this and more to hold onto Britain, a land populated by hostile tribes determined to resist.

This work covers the history of Rome in Britain from Caesar’s failed incursions to the Claudian invasion and the later campaigns of expansion and pacification. The author is an acknowledged expert on the ancient world and uses the latest research and archaeology to enhance the narrative. He offers extensive information on the weapons, organization, tactics, and commanders. He also discusses at length how the two adversaries countered each other’s strengths and exploited each other’s weaknesses.

Roman Conquests: Britain (Simon Elliott, Pen and Sword Books, South Yorkshire UK, 2022, 219 pp., photographs, bibliography, index, $39.95, hardcover)