By Christopher Miskimon

Though controversial today for his choice of sides during the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee was indisputably an able military leader. Though he ended the conflict in defeat, Lee managed to fight, usually outnumbered and outgunned, for four years. During his life he willingly took on difficult tasks, created and organized military forces, and then led them into battle time and again. He trusted his subordinates while pushing them to their best efforts. Lee was known for not taking advantage of his position, usually eating the same food his troops did in the field.

Lee’s leadership lessons are myriad and the author has combined them into one volume for easy absorption by those who would emulate him. This volume gives the reader numerous examples of Lee’s character to emulate in their own lives. The book engagingly shows how Lee overcame adversity and challenges in a way that can be used in the reader’s own life and business.

Robert E. Lee on Leadership (H.W. Crocker III, Regnery History, Washington DC, 2023, 256 pp., bibliography, index, $17.99, SC)

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