By Joseph Luster

Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes first brought its real-time strategizing to PC back in 2006 before eventually being ported to iOS and Android devices. It went on to spawn sequels and kick off its own series, and now the first entry is touching down on Nintendo Switch along with its expansions in the aptly titled Company of Heroes Collection.

The first thing any RTS fans want to know when it comes to porting to consoles has to do with user interface and controls. Feral Interactive announced that, as one might expect, Company of Heroes Collection sports an all-new control scheme on Switch. Combined with the Switch’s touchscreen, this will hopefully abate some of the awkwardness often inherent to translating something like real-time strategy to consoles with limited interfaces.

In addition to the base Company of Heroes game, the collection packs in a pair of expansions in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. These are typically all available bundled together on storefronts like Steam for rock-bottom prices, but if your primary means of gaming is Nintendo Switch, or you just want to go portable without investing in a Steam Deck, you’d do well to give these RTS outings a spin. As long as their UI updates stick the landing, Company of Heroes Collection should lead the charge in genre representation on Nintendo’s console.

Publisher: Feral Interactive
Genre: Strategy
System: Nintendo Switch

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