By Eric T. Baker

Codename: Panzers from CDV for the PC uses the troops, equipment, and tanks of World War II as the fodder for a real-time strategy game. Players will command forces made up of 100 detailed, fully rendered 3D units. These units include flame-throwing squads, rocket launchers, and German Königstiger battle tanks. The game consists of 30 missions spread over three campaigns, with action taking place in towns, mountains, and swamps. Extra realism comes from a full array of special effects, including realistic weather, sound, and animation.

German, Russian, British, and American troops are all featured. The 50 tanks, cannons, trucks, jeeps and motorcycles in the game are represented on a single scale, and are all historically accurate. The infantry units possess bazookas, shells, mines, bandages, field telephones, binoculars, and rubber dinghies. The infantry move with realistic animation effects like creeping, crawling, running, and diving for cover. The game uses a bonus system with troops gaining prestige points based on their performance, and the player can spend these points for upgrades and repairs. Even bombers and naval artillery get into the act.

Moving forward, 21st century warfare is on tap in Battlefield: Modern Combat from Electronic Arts for the PS2 and the Xbox. Yes, now players with either console will be able to experience the action of the Battlefield franchise. The game will have a single player mode but the real action will be on-line where up to 24 players will be able to battle one and other using state of the art weapons and vehicles, while communicating over USB headsets. Played from a first person perspective, players will be able to equip their character with an array of assault rifles, shotguns, and machine guns.

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