War of the Spanish Succession

The Duke of Marlborough at Malplaquet

by Herman T. Voelkner

England’s survival hung in the balance. She had only recently clashed with an imposing Continental alliance, in a futile war characterized by unprecedented slaughter on obscure fields in Flanders. Read more

The Duke of Villeroi committed the bulk of his cavalry in a fearsome counterattack on the open plain south of Ramillies late in the battle in a quest to shatter the Allied center.

War of the Spanish Succession

Grand Alliance Triumph At Ramillies

By Joshua Shepherd

Late in the day on May 23, 1706, the troops of the Colonel William Borthwick’s regiment of Argyll’s Scots Brigade formed up for an unenviable assignment. Read more

War of the Spanish Succession

“Italy Is Ours”

By David A. Norris

Deep in a brick-lined tunnel, grenadiers of the army of Louis XIV hacked at a sturdy wooden door. Read more

War of the Spanish Succession

The War of Jenkins’ Ear

By John Brown

In the 1700s, the Spanish empire in the Caribbean was a lucrative trade monopoly directed from Madrid, with Cadiz designated as the official port for trade to and from Spain and its colonies. Read more

9-1717-8-16-A1-1 Tuerkenkrieg 1716-18. - "Die Schlacht bei Belgrad". - (18. August 1717; das kaiserliche Heer unter Prinz Eugen schlaegt das tuerkische Entsatzheer unter Chalil Pascha zurueck). Gemaelde, um 1720. Ilario Spolverini (1657-1734) zuge- schrieben. Wien, Heeresgeschichtliches Museum.

War of the Spanish Succession

Prince Eugene’s Last Ride


By Ludwig Heinrich Dyck

Beneath the Gothic steeples of their churches, the priests of Wallachia prayed that the Austrians would deliver them from the Turkish yoke. Read more

War of the Spanish Succession

Capturing the Rock: Gibraltar 1704

By Arnold Blumberg

As Spanish king Charles II lay dying in Madrid in the autumn of 1700, worried diplomats in other European capitals brooded day and night over who would succeed the childless monarch. Read more