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The United States Naval Academy Museum

By Blaine Taylor

The United States Naval Academy Museum at Annapolis, Maryland, is “an educational and inspirational resource for the Naval Academy Brigade of Midshipmen, other students of American naval history and thousands of visitors each year,” according to Shayne Sewell, assistant media relations director at the USNA Public Affairs Office. Read more

To say that the clash between the Merrimack and Monitor changed naval history is an understatement; the two made wooden ships a thing of the past.

naval history

The Monitor and Merrimack: After the Fight

by Keith Milton

The subsequent careers of the Monitor and Merrimack were not as dramatic as their first clashes. The two ironclads never met in combat again after their infamous battle on March 9, 1862. Read more

naval history

The CSS Alabama’s Place in Naval History

By Roy Morris, Jr.

The CSS Alabama went to her watery grave on June 19, 1864, off the coast of France, but the lingering effects of her wartime successes made naval history: she continued to haunt the American and British governments for years to come, embroiling the two English-speaking nations in a legal test of wills that would last well into the next decade. Read more

The men who served under Edward Preble, veteran of the 1st Barbary War, the War of 1812 and the fight at Tripoli helped form the Navy's long-standing traditions.

naval history

Edward Preble & “Preble’s Boys”

by Steven Ossad

Known as “Preble’s Boys,” the generation of young American naval leaders who served under Commodore Edward Preble (1761-1807) established the foundation and traditions that shaped and continue to inspire the U.S. Read more