A-6 Intruder

Military Heritage September 2019

The A-6 Intruder in Vietnam

By Christopher Miskimon

It was dark and difficult to see on the night of April 18, 1966, but the U.S. Navy was counting on that. Read more

Richard I Chateau Gaillard

Military Heritage September 2019

King Richard’s Chateau Gaillard

By William E. Welsh

In 1194 English King Richard I returned to England from his long absence on the Third Crusade and set about recovering the castles his younger brother John had taken in his absence. Read more

Military Heritage September 2019

Miracle Victory at the Battle of Minden

By David A. Norris

It did not seem possible for them to hold on, yet six regiments of British infantry, standing with three battalions of Hanoverians, withstood a heavy artillery barrage on August 1, 1759, on a plain next to the fortress of Minden in the Electorate of Hanover. Read more

battle of Gettysburg

Military Heritage September 2019

Rebel Misfire at Gettysburg

By Robert L. Durham

The men of Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson’s North Carolina brigade, four regiments strong, marched forward as if on parade, their rifles at the right shoulder, as they went into battle on the first day at Gettysburg. Read more