German interest in Adolf Hitler is on the rise, according to a recent Telgraph article and a study conducted by the German Media Control group.

According to the study:

  • 242 television programs focusing explicitly on Adolf Hitler have aired in the last four months of 2013.
  • 500 films, documentaries and other series focusing on Nazi-era Germany have also been aired.
  • 2,000 books on Hitler were published in Germany just last year. Some of these titles included: Hitler’s Wonder Weapons, Hitler and the Holy Lance, and Hitler’s Blitzkrieg.
  • Germany’s public “ZDF Info” channel was found to have screened 109 documentaries on Hitler last year alone.

According to the Telegraph article, sociologists have attributed the rise in interest in Adolf Hitler to a new generation of German citizens who have no first-hand experience or knowledge of World War II, and so are less ashamed about their country’s history than previous generations.

This year also marks many 70-year World War II anniversaries. Among them are the Normandy Invasion, the Soviet counter-offensive into Belarus, and the Allied liberation of Rome. Special events will be held from all over the world to commemorate these historical landmarks. For more information, visit the 70th Anniversary web page.