A Russian flying column of mounted infantry, dragoons, and horse artillery attacked the Swedish convoy in a forested region in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Military Heritage January 2020

Sweden’s Desperate Stand at Lesnaya

By Eric Niderost

Colonel Axel Gyllenkrok had had a lot on his mind in recent weeks. It was the autumn of 1708, and as the Swedish Army’s general quartermaster he was not only responsible for supplying its needs on campaign, but he also functioned as an operational manager. Read more

Military Heritage January 2020

The F-4U Corsair

By William F. Floyd Jr.

On December 4, 1950, Jesse Brown, U.S. Navy Ensign and the Navy’s first African American aviator, was flying 1,000 feet above the icy Korean mountains in his Corsair when its engine cut out. Read more

Military Heritage January 2020

The Raven Forward Air Controllers

By William E. Welsh

Raven forward air controller Charles Edwin Engle usually took his Cessna 0-1 “Bird Dog” up to an altitude of 12,000 feet over northern Laos to await the arrival of a flight of inbound A-1E Skyraiders from Thailand. Read more

The night before the battle, Marius posted 3,000 legionnaires in a nearby wood with orders to attack the tribesmen while they were assailing the Roman fort. The plan worked perfectly, and Marius sallied out to finish off the disorganized enemy troops.

Military Heritage January 2020

Roman Revenge at Aquae Sextiae

By John E. Spindler

In the evening hours on a midsummer day in 102 bc, Roman Consul Gaius Marius decided that tomorrow was to be the day to confront the barbarians. Read more

Military Heritage January 2020

Cavalry Clash at Kelly’s Ford

By David A. Norris

With freshly honed sabers, more than 2,000 Union cavalrymen rode toward the Confederate-held Rappahannock River crossing of Kelly’s Ford in March 1863 with orders to attack and rout or destroy Maj. Read more

Military Heritage January 2020

101st Airborne fight for Hamburger Hill

By Robert L. Durham

Lieutenant Frank Boccia could hear the platoon ahead moving forward, reconnoitering by fire, spraying the trail and the jungle alongside it with M16 and M60 fire. Read more

Military Heritage January 2020

December Military Games

By Joseph Luster Total War Saga: TROY

Inspired by Homer’s Iliad, Total War Saga: TROY was recently revealed as the latest entry in the long-running series. Read more