The first real blood in the fort-five rebellion was drawn when Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Jacobite rebels squared off against government forces.

Glorious Revolution

Jacobite Victory at Prestonpans

By David A. Norris

Before dawn on September 21, 1745, the dragoons and infantry of King George II stood in line of battle in a freshly harvested wheat field. Read more

For the long-suffering citizens of London, the sight of a Dutch fleet sailing up the Medway River was the last in a string of disasters.

Glorious Revolution

The Father of the Royal Navy

By Eric Niderost

Samuel Pepys is best known for the diary he wrote from 1660 to 1669. Because it was never intended for publication, the diary is frank and even ribald. Read more

Glorious Revolution

King Billy at the Boyne River

by Eric Niderost

On March 12, 1689, James II, recently deposed king of England, landed in Ireland in a last-ditch attempt to regain his throne. Read more