September 2012

Volume 11, No. 6

Cover: A British paratrooper prepares to jump in this photograph taken during a training exercise in March 1944.
Photo: Getty Images

September 2012

WWII History

First Casualties at Iwo Jima

By Christopher Marks

Lieutenant Harold Gilson Payne, Jr., was one of the first Americans to die at Iwo Jima. He did not fall in the carnage of the Marine invasion that began on February 19, 1945. Read more

September 2012

WWII History

Marshall Builds the U.S. Army

By Earl Rickard

On July 17, 1941, United States Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall sat before the Senate Military Affairs Committee. Read more

September 2012

WWII History

The Battle of Narvik: Crippling the Kriegsmarine

By David H. Lippman

The Germans could not believe it. Without suffering the loss of a single soldier or sailor, the German Army and Navy had sailed 1,500 miles through waters dominated by the British Royal Navy and captured Narvik without firing a shot, bagged nearly 500 Norwegian soldiers, seized one of Norway’s major military depots, and even taken five armed British merchant ships and their crews. Read more

September 2012

WWII History

Sinking the Shokaku

By Johnd Domagalski

On the morning of June 13, 1944, the brilliant new aircraft carrier Taiho weighed anchor and slowly moved out of Tawi-Tawi anchorage in the Sulu archipelago in the southwestern Philippines. Read more

September 2012

WWII History, Editorial

The Saga of the USS Phoenix

On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, the Brooklyn-class light cruiser USS Phoenix lay at anchor southeast of Ford Island in the supposed safety of Pearl Harbor. Read more

September 2012

WWII History, Ordnance

A 3.7-Inch AT Gun? A Wartime What-If…

By Jon Diamond

The often see-saw action across the North African littoral from 1940-1942 was fostered in part by both the British and Axis forces racing to innovate and implement novel tactics and upgraded weaponry. Read more

September 2012

WWII History, Top Secret

OSS in Germany

By John Mancini

By the autumn of 1944, most of Nazi-occupied Europe had been liberated by Allied forces. The conquering armies now faced the invasion of the German homeland. Read more

September 2012

WWII History, Insight

The First Day of World War II

By Michael D. Hull

Just after midnight on September 3, 1939, a stylish young former socialite from Boston, Massachusetts, made her way toward London aboard the Harwich boat train after crossing the English Channel. Read more

September 2012

WWII History, Books

D-Day Deception

By Al Hemingway

An odd assortment of spies was recruited by British intelligence to fool the Nazis as to the exact time and location of the Normandy landings. Read more

September 2012

WWII History, Games

E3 2012 Highlights

By Joseph Luster

Another year, another Electronics Entertainment Expo, aka E3. This year’s event was perhaps the most safely played yet, and while quite a few “future war”-style games were shown, there wasn’t a ton of World War II presence. Read more