May 2006

Volume 5, No. 3

Cover: German panzers and infantry on the move in Russia in 1942, from Signal magazine. (Photo: The Bridgeman Art Library.)

Taking advantage of the minimal cover afforded by their foxhole, a pair of American soldiers provides suppressing fire in an effort to dislodge a German sniper

May 2006

WWII History

Major Dick Winters: The Island In His Own Words

By Dick Winters

Now that Uden was secured, Easy Company and the remainder of the 101st Airborne Division received orders to move to the “Island,” a long narrow area north of Nijmegen between the Lower Rhine and the Waal Rivers. Read more

U.S. Marines make their way across a low stone wall as they seek out hidden Japanese positions on bloody Okinawa.

May 2006

WWII History

Sugar Loaf Hill Survival: U.S. Marines in the Okinawa Campaign

By John Wukovits

The grimy, weary Marines heard with little emotion the instructions shouted by their officer. He wanted them to mount yet another charge to the top of the nondescript hill blocking their way, another collection of rock housing an enemy that tried to halt their advance. Read more

May 2006

WWII History

WWII Battles: Airborne Drop into Sicily

by Michael E. Haskew

When American and British airborne troops lifted off from bases in North Africa and headed toward drop zones in Sicily during the early morning hours of July 9, 1943, the plan began to unravel almost immediately. Read more

May 2006

WWII History, Dispatches

Merchant Marines

Dear Editors:

I subscribed to your magazine hoping to see something about merchant marines during WWII. It seems you have forgotten them. Read more

May 2006

WWII History, Ordnance

The Fairey Swordfish Torpedo Plane a.k.a. Stringbag

By Glenn Barnett

The spring of 1941, particularly the month of May, was a troubled time for Great Britain. The German battleship Bismarck had sunk the huge British battlecruiser Hood in just six minutes and was making a getaway to the coast of German-occupied France. Read more

May 2006

WWII History, Top Secret

The Nazi ‘Gold Train Incident’

By Peter Kross

By the spring of 1945, Hitler’s thousand year Reich had come crashing down in flames. The Allied armies that had landed at Normandy almost one year earlier had penetrated deep inside Germany. Read more

May 2006

WWII History, Simulation Gaming

World War II Combat, Silent War, and WWII Tank Commander

The Second World War remains a lively setting for first-person video gaming. The default characters in these games are often young OSS (Office of Strategic Services) officers, and World War II Combat: Road to Berlin for the Xbox and PC from Groove Games, is no exception. Read more