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Pearl Harbor: Irredeemable Defeat

By Frank R. Shirer

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of fiction written as if it were historical fact. It is a chapter in a book of alternate history entitled Rising Sun Victorious (Greenhill Books, London, 2001), which is a compilation of like chapters and was a Main Choice of the Military Book Club and Alternate Selection of the History Book Club. Read more

Monsignor Josef Tiso led Slovakia into an alliance with Hitler and the Nazis.

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Drawn to the Axis

By Blaine Taylor

According to the 1960 memoirs of Henriette Hoffmann von Schirach, Adolf Hitler called Father Josef Tiso, a monsignor in the Roman Catholic Church and premier of Fascist Slovakia, “The little parson.” Read more

The carnage of the battle for Iwo Jima is evident in this photograph showing two American soldiers making their way past some of the fatalities. (National Archives)

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Hell in the Pacific

By Mason B. Webb

Ask anyone today to name the three toughest, most important battles of World War II and chances are good that the name “Iwo Jima” will be at, or somewhere near, the top of the list. Read more

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Infamous Camp Beechwood

By Christopher Miskimon

On July 15, 1937, a convoy of trucks slowly drove up the Ettersberg, a wooded hill a few miles north of the German city of Weimar. Read more