By Joseph Luster

Following up on its previous debut on iOS and Android devices, free-to-play real-time strategy game Warpath recently made its way to PC courtesy of Lilith Games. For those who have already deployed on mobile, the PC version includes graphical enhancements and a few features and additions that are exclusive to this port, so it’s worth checking out again if you’re feeling the need for a new flavor of tactics.

With the ability to wage war across a large-scale map, Warpath boasts over 200 different pieces of military equipment at your disposal across both land and air. Those who want to take a breather from the top-down strategizing can even take a moment to enter a first-person perspective and put boots on the ground as a sniper, creating a different avenue for pinpoint assistance with the overall mission. Commanding your army is easier than ever, too, thanks to the addition of keyboard shortcuts and keybindings that weren’t possible with the original mobile version.

Beyond those more advanced controls, the PC version has been optimized for a variety of models and screen sizes, and if you want to experience the game both ways you can link your data between the PC and mobile versions. This is a nice feature for anyone who finds themselves in the thick of battle at home but also wants to take their army on the go when they leave, keeping the conflict alive just a little bit longer. If this sounds like a good time in the commander’s seat to you, Warpath is still a free-to-play game, so there’s no inherent risk when it comes to stepping on the terrain of this particular battlefield.

Genre: Strategy
Platform: PC
Publisher: Lilith Games
Available: Now

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