Dear Editor:

Congratulations on your premier issue of WWII History. I found the content to be interesting, the text informative, and the photographs and paintings to be of fine quality. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the maps presented. Many stories are difficult to follow without the aid of a good map, such as with Blaine Taylor’s fine story on the German campaign in France during the spring of 1940. Your maps greatly enhanced my enjoyment of Mr. Taylor’s article, and I am most appreciative. In the past I have found myself thumbing through the books in my own library for assistance in interpreting the movements of troops, etc., while reading articles in other magazines. Your magazine, and in particlar its excellent maps, will be a welcome addition to my regular reading.

Kevin J. Bankerson
Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Editor:

A friend of mine, a history major, has a subscription to your new WWII History magazine, and I recently had the opportunity to look it over while visiting him. I have to say that I found the subjects of the articles intriguing and the articles themselves well written. It is not often that people of my age (the college set) think about the impact that this “last crusade” had on the world around them; even today, we are still feeling the aftershocks of this global war, whether we are aware of them or not. By keeping the stories of this conflict alive for our generation, you help us to see where we have come from, and quite possibly where we are going. I wish you the best of luck with your new endeavor.

Blair Voorhies
Englishtown, New Jersey

Dear Editor:

In a time when Word War II is the latest trend in subject matter for Hollywood films, it is more important than ever to have access to factual and well-researched information on the battles, personalities, ordnance, and politics of the war. It is a shame that future generations may interpret the war via such dumbed-down movies as Pearl Harbor. Upon reading the first issue of your magazine, I was pleased to find well-written and accurate articles on a variety of subjects. The illustrations and maps accompanying the text are exceptional, as are the paintings. And I particularly enjoyed the alternate history of Pearl Harbor. I am hoping you will be able to maintain the high standard you have set with your premier issue. Congratulations!

Marguerite Bennett
Denver, Colorado

Dear Editor:

I am a World War II veteran (Eighth Air Force “Carpetbaggers”), and have just had the pleasure of reading the premier issue of WWII History. Congratulations! This is a classy looking piece full of interesting and well-put-together stories. Keep them coming!

Dave Cleveland
Woodstock, Vermont

Dear WWII History:

Congratulations on such a great premier issue. I have been reading military journals and magazines for decades and yours is definitely one of the finest. The stories were not just regurgitations of already-known events; many were think pieces incorporating new twists on interpreting the attack on Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s invasion of France and the Low Countries. I was even able to use the sidebar on .20mm guns in a paper I am preparing. I must also comment on the wide variety of color photos and artwork you pieced together; it made the stories more interesting. The maps provided more detail than I’ve seen in any other newsstand publication. The cover jumped out at me on the newsstand, it was that good. Good luck with the new magazine. I can’t wait to get my next issue.

Gregory Whitteaker
Alexandria, Virginia

Dear WWII History:

The spectacular cover on your premier issue compelled me to purchase the magazine and to read it cover to cover. The articles are well presented and informative, and the layout and graphics are very attractive. I was so impressed that I will forgive you for misspelling Erwin Rommel’s name on the the cover. I have sent in my subscription order and look forward to receiving future issues. Keep up the good work!

Patrick Flannagan
New York, New York

Dear Editor,

I just felt the need to take a minute and express my feelings toward your new WWII History magazine. I believe this is the finest magazine I’ve ever read encompassing this monumental time in history. The design and layout are far superior to those in any other periodical of its type. The color and brilliance of the illustrations and photographs (I don’t know how you make them so crisp) make you feel as though you were there experiencing this in person. I’m thrilled to see new life brought out in what other publications portray as old history. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Tim Arnold
Rockville, Maryland

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