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Game Reviews: The Company of Heroes 2 December Update

by Joe Luster & James Hart

Fortunately for Company of Heroes 2 fans, the dev team has put together another round of updates, some of which are long-requested additions to the game.

First up is Observer Mode, which lets players sync up and watch live multiplayer matches, viewing the games from a variety of angles and different speeds while switching between player perspectives. Observer Mode also grants access to previously inaccessible live data and should ultimately serve as a handy tool for analyzing strategies and learning from some of the best players in the CoH community.

Those who are into broadcasting side of things can do so through an integrated Twitch interface, opening up an already wide audience. The Observer Mode itself allows for more than 500 concurrent viewers per live match, with the ability to scale up to tens of thousands for special events.

Updates on the Jagdtiger & ISU-152

Jagdtigers also received further modification—the functionality of the Supporting Fire ability along with Piercing Shot was altered to “diversify the Jagtiger’s capabilities by allowing it to counter softer targets,” according to the development team.

The Soviet ISU-152 received a series of minor tweaks as well, including decreased penetration of the high explosive shell, decreased AOE distance and removed deflection damage on armor piercing shells.

The folks at Relic Entertainment also added in Mod Tools, serving up more creative opportunities for the ever-growing modding community. Features in the Mod Tools release include an Attribute Editor, Mod Builder, Archive Viewer, Tuning Packs, and Win Condition Packs.

Now let’s see what some of our crafty readers can cook up in Company of Heroes 2. To get a full list of changes from the December update, click here.


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