WWII History March 2004

All Alone: The HMS Glowworm

By Robert Barr Smith

The great waves were huge and black, greedy tentacles of the North Sea clawing and snatching at the battered ships struggling in the icy dark. Read more

WWII History March 2004

The Red Army’s T-34 Tank: The Eastern Front and Beyond

By Blaine Taylor

In 1942, careworn Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler lamented to his military intimates at his Wolf’s Lair headquarters near Rastenburg in East Prussia, “If I had known that there were so many of them, I would have had second thoughts about invading!” Read more

WWII History March 2004

P-38 Lightning Restored

By Jim Opalka

Only a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbor a 24-four-year-old pilot, Lieutenant Brad McManus, scanned the sky as he was taught to do as an air cadet. Read more