WWII History June 2015

From the Ardennes to Austria

By Christopher Miskimon

The paratroopers of the 3rd Battalion, 506th Parachute InfantryRegiment (3/506), 101st Airborne Division fought long and hard during Operation Market-Garden, the Allied assault through Holland aimed at piercing into northern Germany and ending the war. Read more

WWII History June 2015

Midnight Raid in Iron Bottom Sound

By John Domagalski

Shortland Harbor was bustling with activity during the late morning hours of December 7, 1942. A group of warships were slowly getting underway, making for the open sea. Read more

WWII History June 2015

Alvin Landis: Prosecutor at Nuremberg

By Alan Waite

Following the occupation of a defeated Nazi Germany, the victorious Allies initiated a prearranged plan for prosecuting captured Axis officials for war crimes. Read more

WWII History June 2015

Last of the Gilbert Islands Coastwatchers

By Bruce M. Petty & Peter McQuarrie

The coastwatching system that operated throughout the South Pacific islands during World War II was introduced to gather and report early information about the movement of enemy ships and aircraft. Read more

WWII History June 2015

Survival: The Story of the USS Franklin

By Chuck Lyons

The USS Franklin was not a lucky ship. In March 1945, off the Japanese mainland, the Essex-class aircraft carrier was hit by two 550-pound bombs that struck her flight deck and penetrated into the hangar deck. Read more

WWII History June 2015

Game Features: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

By Joseph Luster

The twisted World War II-themed Wolfenstein 3D came screaming back to life last year when developer MachineGames teamed up with Bethesda Softworks to release Wolfenstein: The New Order. Read more