WWII History February 2015

Incident on the Yangtze

By Michael D. Hull

While America and Europe struggled through economic depression and nervously watched the spread of fascism in the second half of the 1930s, the situation was far more ominous in the Far East. Read more

WWII History February 2015

NA-16 Wirraway: From Trainer to Fighter

By Glenn Barnett

By the mid-1930s many people in Australia were concerned that if war came to Europe that Great Britain would not be able to come to their defense against a growing and aggressive Japanese Empire. Read more

WWII History February 2015

Raid on Darwin: Australia’s Pearl Harbor

By Arnold Blumberg

The sun was just rising and the day promised clear skies overhead. Since 5 am maintenance crews had been running the engines, making last minute adjustments, and arming the scores of aircraft sitting on the steel flight deck of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi. Read more

WWII History February 2015

World of Diving Game Review

By Joseph Luster

World War II games span a plethora of genres and sub-genres, but a recent content update for World of Diving might be one of the most unique. Read more