Deck crewmen race to an SBD Dauntless dive bomber after a barrier crash. The extended tailhook failed to catch the arresting wire, but the propeller stopped the forward momentum, almost flipping the plane. Aviators claimed that SBD stood for “Slow But Deadly.”

WWII History April 2013

Hard Charging Landings

By Kevin M. Hymel

To naval aviators, any landing they could walk away from was a good landing. The escort aircraft carrier USS Charger trained men in good landings, but bad landings were also part of the education. Read more

WWII History April 2013

Battle at Bir el Gubi

By Arnold Blumberg

February 1941 saw the fortunes of war favor the British in the North African wasteland of Cyrenaica (modern Libya). Read more

WWII History April 2013

April 2013 World War II Games

By Joseph Luster

Developed by DMD Enterprise, an independent developer established in Warsaw, Poland, Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows is the kind of work that exemplifies “rough around the edges.” Read more