William of Orange

Jacobite Victory at Prestonpans

By David A. Norris

Before dawn on September 21, 1745, the dragoons and infantry of King George II stood in line of battle in a freshly harvested wheat field. Read more

King Gustavus Adolphus, “The Lion of the North,” was a quick learner and master reformer of the military both on and off the battlefield.

William of Orange

Gustavus Adolphus: Lion of the North

by Isaac Blatter

Oddly, the fall of the brilliant King Gustavus Adolphus on the field of battle marked both the beginning of Sweden’s rise to power and the end of one of the most aggressive ages of military reform. Read more

William of Orange

The Lucky Lit. Wit Daniel Defoe

By Roy Morris Jr.

When the Duke of Monmouth began his doomed, quixotic march across southern England in the summer of 1685, one of the few volunteers to join him from royal-dominated London was a 24-year-old hosiery merchant and trader named Daniel Defoe. Read more