In 1943, after the Battle of Kursk, the Red Army launched a series of operations, resulting in the liberation of Nazi-occupied Soviet territory.

Premier Nikita Khruschev

Night Jump into Tragedy

By Victor Kamenir

However, by the end of September, the Soviet offensive ground to a halt against the great Ukrainian river Dnieper. Read more

Good information was urgently needed. But once in hand it proved very dangerous indeed.

Premier Nikita Khruschev

Cold War Intelligence

By John D. Gresham

Everyone who has ever read a spy novel knows the basic plot line. A scientist has developed a formula, or intelligence operative has obtained secret plans or a roll or film. Read more

Premier Nikita Khruschev

Freedom or Death: The Hungarian Uprising of 1956

by Todd Avery Raffensperger

“To the Great Stalin, from the grateful Hungarian People,” read the inscription on a 24-foot-high bronze statue of Joseph Stalin on the grounds of Budapest City Park, erected in 1951 to honor the tyrant of the Soviet Union. Read more