battle of Perryville

Military Heritage November 2018

Battle of Perryville: Death in the Kentucky Hills

By Mike Phifer

 Confederate Brig. Gen. George Maney maintained tight control of the three regiments in his first line as he pressed his attack against a key position on the extreme left flank of the Union Army on the afternoon of October 8, 1862. Read more

Military Heritage November 2018

Ancient Greek General Epaminondas

By Tim Miller

Astounding news swept through Greece in the summer of 371 bc. In Boeotia, a crossroads for armies that was usually littered with the dead of its own citizens, the invading Spartans had been beaten, and one of their two kings had been slain in battle. Read more

Military Heritage November 2018

War of Sieges

By Eric Niderost

In the summer of 1216 a large French army appeared just outside the gates of Dover Castle, a magnificent fortress on the southeast coast of England. Read more

Sir John Stuart’s British army presses its attack against the French at Maida in a painting by Franco-British painter Philip James de Loutherbourg. London sent Stuart from Sicily to check the French aggression in Calabria.

Military Heritage November 2018

French Collapse at Maida

By Simon Rees

The soldiers of the French 1st Light Infantry surged forward toward the double line of the British Light Battalion. Read more

Military Heritage November 2018

Conspiracy: The Death of Stephen Decatur

By Mark Carlson

To die for personal honor is a long-vanished custom of the pre-industrial age. But 200 years ago it still held great meaning for men, particularly in politics and the military. Read more

Military Heritage November 2018

“Italy Is Ours”

By David A. Norris

Deep in a brick-lined tunnel, grenadiers of the army of Louis XIV hacked at a sturdy wooden door. Read more

Military Heritage November 2018

Gavin’s Sky Soldiers

By Joshua Shepherd

By mid-afternoon on September 20, 1944, the deceptively placid waters of Holland’s Waal River were wreathed in dense clouds of smoke. Read more

Military Heritage November 2018

New Military History Games

By Joseph Luster

How often do we get to check out strategy games set during the Cold War, especially on multiple platforms? Read more