Military Heritage August 2010

Reckoning at Horseshoe Bend

By Christopher G. Marquis

In the late summer of 1813, some 550 men, women, and children took refuge within a small wilderness outpost and waited for the worst. Read more

The 9th Massachusetts Battery fights a desperate rear-guard action near the Trostle Farm at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863. Painting by Don Troiani.

Military Heritage August 2010

The Model 1857 12-pounder

By Gustav Person

Among the historic inventory of the United States Army’s artillery weapons, few pieces have enjoyed a more predominant role or reputation than the Model 1857 12-pounder gun-howitzer, which became a mainstay of the Federal artillery during the Civil War. Read more

Military Heritage August 2010

The Siege of Paris

By Louis Ciotola

The final outcome of the Franco-Prussian War was decided on September 2, 1870. On that day, more than 100,000 French troops, including Emperor Napoleon III, surrendered to the Prussian Army at Sedan. Read more

Canadian loyalists set fire to the rebel steamer Caroline and send her drifting toward Niagara Falls.  

Military Heritage August 2010

Mackenzie’s Rebellion

By Chuck Lyons

In December 1837, 400 men armed with muskets, pitchforks, and staves marched against the city of Toronto and the British government. Read more

Soldiers of the 24th Infantry Regiment (an all-black unit) report to sick call outside Santiago.

Military Heritage August 2010

Healing the Wounded in Cuba

By Kevin M. Hymel

The khaki-clad soldiers wounded in the steaming jungles of Cuba during the Spanish-American War had distinct advantages over their Civil War brethren. Read more

Military Heritage August 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Breaking Down the Walls

By Joseph Luster

There’s currently a blazing hot war taking place within the very feed of our television advertising spectrum. If you haven’t noticed or, better yet, aren’t one to waste as much time as me watching TV, this is a head-to-head battle between two larger-than-life war game franchises. Read more