Marshal Rodolfo Graziani

The EUR: Mussolini’s New Rome

By Alan K. Lathrop

Visitors to a certain part of Rome today may not even be aware that they are walking in an area that came about because of an architectural vision of Benito Mussolini, Italy’s infamous fascist dictator. Read more

In this graphic painting by war artist Ivor Hele, Australian troops storm an Italian position during the attack on Bardia on January 3, 1941. Commonwealth forces thoroughly routed the Italian Tenth Army during Operation Compass, which was intended as a five-day raid but lasted several weeks.

Marshal Rodolfo Graziani

Operation Compass: Masterstroke in the Desert

By John Diamond

Established in the summer of 1939, Field Marshal Sir Archibald Wavell’s Middle East Command encompassed nine countries and parts of two continents, an area of 1,700 miles by 2,000 miles. Read more

Marshal Rodolfo Graziani

Italy’s North African Misadventure

By Walter S. Zapotoczny

When most people think of the Italian Army in North Africa during World War II, they tend to believe that the average Italian soldier offered little resistance to the Allies before surrendering. Read more