Battle of Kings Mountain

The History of the American Long Rifle

by James K. Swisher

The battle at Kings Mountain in October 1780 was the only clash of the American Revolution in which the entire colonial force was armed with American long rifles. Read more

General Nathanael Greene’s Continental Army moved to the attack at Eutaw Springs on the Santee River in South Carolina.

Battle of Kings Mountain

Slugfest at Eutaw Springs

By John Pezzola

In the early morning hours of September 8, 1781, drums rolled and fifes played in Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene’s camp in the High Hills of southeastern South Carolina. Read more

Shawnee Indians and Virginians waged a thunderous and bloody battle at Point Pleasant during Lord Dunmore's War.

Battle of Kings Mountain

Lord Dunmore’s War: The Battle of Point Pleasant

By James K. Swisher

In the lengthening shadows of a late October afternoon, a column of tired marchers attired in dusty, fringed hunting dress emerged from the trees along the north bank of the Kanawha River, raising an exhilarating shout upon sighting its confluence with the Ohio. Read more