May 2010

Volume 9, No. 3

Cover: A battle-hardened lieutentant in one of the American airborne divisions poses in a field near St. Saveur, France, in June 1944. Photo courtesy of Popperfoto/Getty Images.

Smoke billows from bomb strikes against the submarine pens at St. Nazaire. This photo was taken from a U.S. bomber that participated in a costly raid against the heavily defended pens on the French coast.

May 2010

WWII History

Lessons at St. Nazaire

By Robert F. Dorr

Even today, they don’t like to talk about the St. Nazaire raid.

Compared to the thousand-plane raids that went deep into Germany later in World War II, the January 3, 1943, bomber mission from England to the coast of German-occupied France was small and spanned only a modest distance. Read more

May 2010

WWII History

Operation Dovetail: Guadalcanal Rehearsal

By Arnold Blumberg

By June 1942, the military might of Imperial Japan threatened Australia. The string of spectacular Japanese conquests in the South Pacific menaced lines of supply and communication between the United States and its allies and bases in the region. Read more

May 2010

WWII History, Editorial

The mystery of HMAS Sydney has been uncovered.

The worst naval disaster in the history of Australia had been, for decades, shrouded in something of a mystery. The light cruiser HMAS Sydney had been a high profile warship, but not only because she was modern, sleek, and bore the name of a major city—the capital of New South Wales. Read more

May 2010

WWII History, Dispatches

Never Forget

Dear Editor,

I have been picking up my son’s copy of your magazine and admired the attention to detail and the amount of input from veterans.  Read more

May 2010

WWII History, Insight

Submarine Surgeon on the USS Seadragon

By George Tipton Wilson

In cramped quarters aboard the submarine USS Seadragon, beneath the Pacific Ocean, with enemy warships circling above, 22-year-old pharmacist’s mate Wheeler Bryson (Johnny) Lipes was ordered to perform an emergency appendectomy on seaman Darrell Dean Rector. Read more

B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 390th Bomb Group drop their loads over Bremen, Germany, on November 8, 1943, as flak bursts around them.

May 2010

WWII History, Books

Allied Air Retribution

By Mason B. Webb

When does war end and slaughter begin?

That is the question that drives this compelling reexamination of the Allied aerial bombing campaign against Germany during World War II. Read more