March 2010

Volume 9, No. 2

Cover: Adolf Hitler congratulates the Fallschirmjäger after a successful assault on Fortress Eben Emael in Belgium. German paratroopers led the assault on Norway and Denmark in 1940, and defended Monte Cassino in 1945. Photo courtesy of ullstein bild.

March 2010

WWII History

Barrier at Monte Cassino

By John Brown

The Gustav Line, stretching across Italy at its narrowest part between Gaeta and Ortona, was a formidable system of defenses, some of it in coastal marshes but mainly in mountainous country through which ran fast-flowing rivers. Read more

March 2010

WWII History

Scandinavian Airborne Assault

By Henrik O. Lunde

The Polish Campaign in 1939 demonstrated the awesome effectiveness of aircraft as weapons platforms for close ground support. Read more

March 2010

WWII History

Red Sea Naval War

By Vincent P. O’Hara & Enrico Cernuschi

On May 9, 1936, four days after Italian troops entered Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, Mussolini appeared on a balcony of Rome’s Palazzo Venezia to proclaim Victor Emmanuel emperor of the newly created Italian East Africa. Read more

March 2010

WWII History

Tactical Air Evolution

By Allyn Vannoy

On New Year’S Day 1945, Brig. Gen. Anthony G. McAuliffe, temporary commander of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division, visited the XIX Tactical Air Command (TAC) “Raiders” group. Read more

March 2010

WWII History, Ordnance

German All-Terrain Vehicle

By Blaine Tayloy

The first published photo of one of the odd—but highly versatile —frontline vehicles of World War II appeared on the cover of the July 1942 edition of German Propaganda Minister Dr. Read more

March 2010

WWII History, Profiles

Fleeing to Fight

By John Osborn Jr.

“They had lost their country but kept their honor,” future British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said of General Wladyslaw Anders and the Polish II Corps, men in the strange position of trying to win the liberation of their homeland by fighting in Italy. Read more

March 2010

WWII History, Insight

Mission Critical Overlord Weather

By Gene J. Pfeffer

Operation Overlord, the cross-Channel attack that hit the Nazi-occupied beaches of Normandy in 1944, was the culmination of a grand strategy adopted early in the war, followed sporadically during the years of conflict, and aimed at defeating Hitler’s Reich by striking directly at Germany by invasion. Read more

March 2010

WWII History, Top Secret

War Takes Wing

By Gregory Peduto

The army brass argued at length; the scheme proposed by behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner was mad, foolhardy, but also ingenious. Read more

March 2010

WWII History, Simulation Gaming

The Eternal Call Of Duty

By Joseph Luster

After only a few days on store shelves, Modern Warfare 2, the latest in Activision’s lucrative line of first-person shooters, was already pushing absurd numbers. Read more